P is for Psychology: NOW AVAILABLE!

PisforPsychology Front Cover.jpg

From Attachment to Mindfulness to Zone of Proximal Development, P is for Psychology is a whimsical and accessible introduction to the fascinating field of psychology for both parents and children alike. Written by a licensed clinical psychologist and mom, the book features a new term for every letter of the alphabet, drawing from clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology. Each term is accompanied by a full-color, playful illustration to entertain readers of all ages, and a glossary in the back provides additional information for curious minds who want to know a bit more. This book makes an excellent gift for baby showers or even a clever graduation gift for the soon-to-be psychologist in your life. It may not help you defend your dissertation or study for your licensing exam, but it will bring a smile to your face, and hey, maybe you'll even learn something new!

This book is the latest in the series originated by Veronica Goodman, featuring E is for Economics and L is for Law!