The reviews are in…


“P is for Psychology is a delightful and wholly educational first text!  Dr. Schvey does a spectacular job of introducing the field of psychology to young children. As a clinical psychologist, professor, and mother, I giggled all the way through my first read. Subsequent reads (because children WILL insist that it be read to them repeatedly) will further emphasize its cleverness. Each letter teaches a key principle of psychology in a highly relatable and comprehensible way. The book will familiarize readers of all ages with fundamental psychological concepts, and will likely spark a genuine interest in the field. In fact, owing to a discussion following "V is for Visual Illusion", a second-grade science fair project was conceptualized and designed. (And only required mild redirecting to prevent Dad from becoming the unwitting subject in a Classical Conditioning experiment...). Finally, the book initiated enough natural curiosity that at least one child has decided on a future career as a psychologist... Many thanks to Dr. Schvey for creating this wonderful book!” 

Marney A. White, PhD, MS

Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Yale School of Public Health 
Mother of a future psychologist (apparently)